3pcs Garden Glass Ball Automatic Drip Watering Tool Potted Plant Irrigation Controller


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200ml Garden Glass Ball Automatic Watering Tools

Glass ball watering controller can effectively control water volume when watering plan. You can know how much water by observing the glass ball. Only fill with water and insert into soil, and the plants will absorb automatically the water from the glass ball as needed. Your flowers and plant also can be got good care even if you're at work or on journey.

Material: glass
Capacity: 200ml
Length: 20cm / 7.87"
Diameter: 7cm / 2.76"
Color: green, pink, blue

Package Include:
3 x Glass Ball Watering Tools

1. Use a small stick or tool and make a hole in the soil.
 Be sure that the diameter of the hole you make in the soil should be same for the diameter of the glass ball, this will help prevent the glass ball from tipping.
2. Fill the glass ball with water.
Hold the glass ball at a slight angle and use small stream of water to alow the air inside the glass ball to escape as you are filling the globe.
3. Insert the glass ball into the previously created hole in the soil.
The glass ball must be inserted  at a slight angle about 60 degree.
4. Your plant will absorb the water from the glass ball as needed.

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